Blogger Probs (AKA French Macaroons)

Otherwise known as, “I didn’t know the difference between a macaron and a macaroon until recently.”

First things first. I blog for my own sanity. Because I never make the same thing the same way twice. Like EVER. My best cooking is done in the first iteration of a recipe. I am excellent at following recipes. I’m pretty fearless. And lucky. And insane. However, endless improv, a short attention span and my overall spastic nature all equal potential culinary disaster if I’m not careful. I’m a spur-of-the-moment cook, making substitutions, creating shortcuts.

My notes are illegible…recipes scattered all over the house…thus, the blog. At least here I force myself to record successful recipes. (You didn’t really think I’d put FAILURES on here, did you?) I have to plan nearly every aspect of my life and cooking is my creative outlet. When the muse strikes, I create.

But sometimes I obsess. Like now. I’m completely obsessed with French macaroons (or macarons). The pretty kind. Not the coconut kind. You know, the gorgeous little multicolored sandwich cookies that are everywhere! I haven’t actually eaten one, but they look so perfectly perfect, I MUST MAKE THEM! I even took a picture of a magazine featuring them. (Please forgive me Foodnetwork.) But I’m NOT a recipe thief, it’s here. Online. Look at those, just look! Lavendar-honey, pineapple, BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE. They are adorable and delicious-sounding. And I’ve been thinking about them ever since. But to combine those flavors with coconut? I love coconut, but that just seems, well, wrong.


Then, I googled “macaroons.” Guess what! There are two kinds and one isn’t made out of coconut. Mind. Blown. The French version is made from ground almonds. And temperamental meringue. Ugg. I’m a little nervous, but I’m on a macaroon quest. I’m doing my research and planning ahead. A friend shared this video with me and my local market stocks almond meal. I’m optimistic, but if you never see an actual macaroon post here, you know things went south. But there’s always cupcakes. I’ve TOTALLY got this.

Have you tried macaroons? Post words of encouragement or warning! Please!


About Lisa Du Bois Low

Digital Fanatic; High Ed Web developer and SM Community Manager; Crisis Communications Student; Google Analytics Addict.
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