Lisa’s Equipment Essentials

Some things are just worth the investment. Some you can get by without.

Stand Mixer (I have a Kitchenaid 5 Quart K5SS that’s more than 15 years old. It came with the best recipe book on the planet!)

Ice Cream/Mashed Potato Scoops

Muffin Tins:

I have

Out of all these options, you guessed it, my favorite is the el-cheapos!

Care and cleaning. I’m a bit OCD (okay a lot), so my first objective in scooping batter is to not get a drop of better anywhere but in the liner. It bugs me, but I treat my tins like cast iron and I really don’t like to wash them if I don’t have to. If I do wash them, I use a soft nylon brush as soon as I’m done with them, then throw them back in the hot oven to dry. This way, they don’t have a spec of water that can rust.

Baking Cups:

I’ve tried fancy ones from fluted to the so-called “no muffin tin needed” and I can honestly say that Reynolds foil cups are my go-to brand. They never fail.
I also like Regency Tulip Standard Baking Cups. They bake beautifully (although the white get a little singed on the edges). They do make it a little harder to pipe, though.

LeCake House Buttercream

  • 1/2 pound of butter
  • 1/2 pound of cream cheese
  • 2 pounds of powdered sugar
  • 1-2 teaspoons good quality vanilla
  • 1-2 tablespoons heavy cream or half and half

Beat butter and cream cheese until smooth, add powdered sugar in batches and beat until smooth after each addition. Add vanilla and a little heavy cream. Beat on highest speed until smooth, adding more cream until you achieve desired consistency.

Piping Equipment:

I’ve used the disposable Wilton piping bags for a long time. I rarely use a coupler. I’ve even used ziploc baggies! But this weekend, I took the plunge and bought an 18-inch reusable piping bag at the restaurant supply store. I didn’t have to refill the bag once, but it was heavy as hell!


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